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Augustana Newsletter (The Epistle) November 2017...

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Dear Augustana members,

The Church Council established a task force to enlist every voice of the congregation in an assessment which will provide in-depth insight and perspective for our future. The costs of this endeavor are being covered by a generous, anonymous donor who believes in the importance of giving everyone a voice in the important decisions we face. The Congregational Assessment Tool (CAT) will provide us with evidence to make better decisions, in less time and with more confidence.

Starting Sunday, October 22, 2017 and ending November 12, The CAT Link
is available to all household members age 16 and older. If you need assistance or online access, please contact a task Force member or the Church Office. Opportunities will be set up to make it possible for everyone to complete the CAT at the church or in their home.

The CAT will help us:
measure the level and sources of satisfaction and energy in the church
identify the critical success factors for improving organizational climate
discover how members would like to proceed
gauge our flexibility, morale, and trust in governance
determine whether we are a clergy-centered or ministry-centered church
uncover any sources of conflict, as well as potential resources we may be missing.

The CAT is a bench marked instrument, which means we will see how we compare to 2000 churches that have already completed this process. We hope to include members who arent currently attending worship and friends or regular visitors who join us in worship, but are not necessarily members.
The wider the participation, the deeper and more reliable our results will be to inform our future for the sake of our mission in Christ.

Thank you for completing the CAT as soon as possible.

Augustana Task Force

Jackie Berg 715-822-8057
Alan Carlson 715-419-0703
Dave Evenson 715-822-3397
David Ficocello 715-205-6360
Barb Garling 715-357-3700
Pauline Hartman 715-671-0085
Karyn Hullinger 715-671-3029
Keith Johnson 715-419-0017
Bruce Jungerberg 715-671-3806
Bob Lundquist 715-419-0976
Jeanette Rydberg 218-831-3198

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